• Meeting With Admissions Representatives at New Hartford

    Another way to make yourself known to the college  

    Gathering as much information as possible about colleges is a crucial step in finding a good match. College reps visit high schools to provide current information about their school.  Colleges change from year to year in many ways. Admissions criteria change, new facilities are added and new programs of study may be available.  Visiting with a college rep allows you to ask questions about the school. It can also give the college admissions official an opportunity to learn about you and your desire to attend their college.  If you hear about a school that is visiting and it may be a good match for you, consider spending time with that college rep.

    How do I know with which college reps I should meet?

    After starting the college search process, you will begin to have ideas about what you are looking for in a school.  You should spend time with a college rep that visits New Hartford if the school has some or all of the criteria you are considering. Not every school is a good match for you.  It is not a good use of time to visit with a college rep from a school that is clearly not for you.  Key information about each college will be posted in the Counseling Office on the college rep calendar.  Be prepared with some questions you would like to ask of the rep.  Some good questions may be:

    • How large are classes?
    • What percentage of the student body lives on campus?
    • What kind of help is available if I am having trouble in my classes?
    • Do you have internships?
    • What is your foreign language requirement?  What are the ways I can meet this requirement?
    • Do you give Advanced Placement credit?
    • Do you have statistics on how many people obtained jobs in their field after they graduate?
    • What kinds of extracurricular activities are available?
    • What are the most popular majors?
    • What emphasis do you place on the SAT/ACT for admission purposes?

    When do college reps come to New Hartford ?

    Most college reps will schedule a visitation time in September, October, November, or December during school hours. 

    How do I sign up to see a college rep?

    After you have decided that the college is a place you would like to consider,register in Naviance, then stop by the Counseling Office to receive a pass.  Passes should be picked up at least the day before the representative is scheduled to be here. 

    Anything else I should know about meeting with a college rep?

    Attendance is taken at each college rep meeting.  We are fortunate at New Hartford High School that so many college representatives want to speak with our students.  Students in New Hartford have a good reputation within the college admissions circle.  We encourage all students to uphold this excellent reputation by listening attentively, asking appropriate questions, and treating the rep with courtesy and respect.