•  Course Registration information for the upcoming school year will be available February 1st


    Counselors will begin the academic planning process and course registration for the 2020-2021 school year early in the second semester according to the following schedule:

    Current Grade 9 (Grade 10 in 2020-2021) - Presentations February 10 through 13 with 
                                                                       Individual Meetings March 9 though 12
              (Students currently in grade 9 will be assigned a Senior High counselor before Grade 10 Course Registration)
    Current Grade 10 (Grade 11 in 2020-2021) - Presentations February 3 through 5 with
                                                                         Individual Meetings February 25 though March 6 
    Current Grade 11 (Grade 12 in 2020-2021) - Presentations February 4 through 7 with 
                                                                         Individual Meetings February 25 though March 6

    Counselors will go to English and Social Studies classes to explain the course registration process and the course options available to students.   (Students who are not scheduled in one of these classes during the second semester will be assigned one of the presentations occurring during their study hall.) 

    Course Registration Guides Sheets will be available here before February 1, 2019.  Course descriptions will be updated on our website in January and will be finalized when the Course Registration Guides are available.

    Students are encouraged to think about their plans for after high school graduation and choose courses that help them meet their goals.  It's important to have an idea of where you want to be after graduation and formulate tentative career aspirations. For instance, for students who plan to go to college, understanding college requirements (both for admission and for the degree requirements) is important information to know when selecting courses.