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    Civil Service applications are now online - to apply please follow the instructions below:
    How to Apply
    Visit The Oneida County Department of Personnel Here -> and Select New Hartford Central Schools
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    *Note: Non-Instructional applicants are required to fill out the Civil Service Application along with the Civil Service Veteran Form (separate links)*

    *Note: Not all Civil Service positions are tested (see below)

    • Bus Drivers, Teacher Aides, Office Specialist I (Part-Time), and Registered Professional Nurses are deemed non-competitive and are not tested but required to meet the minimum qualifications through Civil Service. Please follow the link to see the Job Specifications

    • Cleaners/Grounds, School Bus Attendants, and School Monitors are deemed apart of the labor and do not require minimum qualifications through Civil Service.

    • Account Clerk, Full-Time Office Specialist I and all IT positions are deemed competitive and are tested through Civil Service. Please follow the link to see when the next examinations are available to take for these positions: Civil Service Examinations