• My Passkeys
    My Passkeys are a kind of Single Sign-On system on the new website that will allow you to directly connect into other systems without having to log in every time. Once you have your passkeys set up you do not have to log into the programs again - the system will remember your username and passwords.

    To use My Passkeys:

    1. Click on the button Passkey button   on the upper section of the homepage

    2. In the Window Click Add New Passkey
    Add New Passkey

    3. Click the check mark boxes of the passkeys you would like to use - they should turn Green when selected

    Select Passkeys

    4. After selecting the passkeys you would like to use Click Add Passkeys at the bottom of the window

    5. The first time you use your passkey it will prompt you for your username and password - this is the same one you normally use to enter that program.
    You will only have to do this the first time, after that the system will remember your credentials and you will automatically be signed in.

    My Passkeys