• 7th Grade Accelerated Science


    Course Goals

    • The goal of this course is to offer a general overview of life science and physical science topics. The material in 7th grade accelerated science will provide a base upon which future science courses build on.  The 7th grade accelerated science course combines topics from both 7th and 8th grade science.  There is a great amount of material in this class and the pace will be brisk. 

    Course Topics

    1. Scientific Method
    2. Metric System
    3. Living Things
    4. Chemistry
    5. Nuclear Energy
    6. Heat Energy

    Attendance/Missed Work

    If a student is absent for a lab, that lab must be made up immediately.  School policy allows 1 day for each day missed to make up assignments.  If work is not turned in by this period, students will stay in detention until the work is complete.

    Required Supplies

    • 3 ring binder (2 inches in width) used only for science
    • Calculator
    • Tab dividers

    Question of the day

    Each day when you come into class there will be a question on the board.  Each day you will come into class, open your binder and on your QOD sheet, write the date, the question, and your answer to the question.  You will do this without me telling you, after a few days of reminding it should become automatic.  If you do not know the answer to the question of the day, you should just copy the question.  These QOD sheets will be graded periodically.


     Each graded assignment will be worth a certain number of points.  You can earn any number of points on an assignment up to the maximum.  The more points an assignment is worth, the bigger impact it will have on your grade.  To determine your grade for the course, simply add up the number of points you earned, divide by the total number of possible points, and multiply by 100.  Graded assignments will come from a variety of sources such as quizzes, tests, labs, essays, presentations, etc.  Late assignments will be penalized 10% for each day that they are late.

    I will try to grade your work quickly and enter the grades into our SchoolTool information system.  You can check you grades and look for upcoming and missing assignments in the student or parent portal.

    If you have a homework assignment that is not completed and present in class, you will be required to fill out a “homework pink-slip”.  I will keep this on file so that I have a reference that I can refer to when speaking with your parents.  Incomplete homework assignments cannot be made up.


    Each quarter we will have benchmark assessment that will cover all of the material from the previous 10 weeks.  At the end of the school year, we will have a cumulative final exam that will count as 10% of the students’ final course grade.

    Cheating and Plagiarism

    As stated in the Perry Jr. High handbook, instances of cheating or plagiarism will be dealt with according to school policy.  This includes, copying or sharing answers to lab questions, homework, quizzes, etc.  Lab partners may work together to collect data, but must answer lab questions alone, failure to follow this rule will result in a zero on the lab for all students involved.  “Plagiarism is the use of someone else's words or ideas without acknowledgement of the source. It can occur accidentally or deliberately (Perry Jr. High Student Handbook, 2009)”.  You must not use someone else’s words in your work, unless you quote them.

    Classroom Conduct

    Respect is the foundation upon which a successful classroom is built.  I will require everyone in the classroom to respect each other.  All of our classroom rules can be traced back to respect.  I will not allow anyone to put-down, make fun of, or disrespect someone else in my presence.  I also require you to respect me and I promise to respect you.  As a part of this respect I expect you to be in class on time.  If you are not in your seat when the bell rings you will be considered late.  If you are late twice you will receive detention.  If I find that students are not able to respect each other or me, then I will call home and assign detention (either after school or lunch).  Any student skipping detention will then have double detention.

    Extra help

    If you are having a difficult time with certain topics or questions you can get extra help in a variety of ways.  If you have a study hall and would like to go over some material with me you can get a pass to come to my classroom.

    I am always in school by 7:15 AM, so you can stop in before 1st period.  I am also available periods 2, 4, & 8 if you would like some extra help.  If you would like to stay after school for extra help, see me to arrange a day.

    Online materials

     I use technology extensively in class. There will be a variety of resources available to parents and students online. There are two places that you will find these materials:

    1. http://www.newhartfordschools.org/duross
      • this is my page on our school website. Here you will blank copies of note packets, hard copies of notes and class calendar.
    2. YouTube Channel
    • I record a screen cast each time that we complete notes in class. These videos can be viewed and it will be like a replay of our class notes.  Students can hear my explanations while seeing the presentation of our notes on screen.  Students can view these videos via my YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/ScienceDuRoss/


    Students will sometimes be required to do online computer work outside of class.  This can be done at home if students have a computer and Internet connection available.  They can also use the school computer lab during lunchtime, or every day after school until 3:20.  In addition the New Hartford Public Library has computers available for public use in the evening.