• Web Pages and Page Types
    Centricity2 provides us with some default webpages to help speed up the development of your website. A page is where you display content and the content is added to a page through Apps.
    Apps - In Centricity2 Apps are the building blocks of the webpage. A page may contain one or more Apps. They are placed in columns within the page layout. A few Apps are: Flex Editor app - this is a general text editor workspace for creating a page, Calendar App, Link Library App - for providing a list of links with descriptions,and these are only a few. 
    I mention this so you can get an basic understanding of what an App is when it is mentioned. We will cover more on apps later.
    This page was created using 2 Apps - a Flex Editor App for the text you are reading and a Display Document App for the content below. I simply uploaded an Adobe .pdf document and told the app to display the document. - Saved a lot of typing!
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.