• The Section Workspace
    So what is the Section Workspace?  It is an area in the Site Manager where you complete your section editor tasks, creating pages, using tools, etc., basically creating your personnal website.
    In the Section Editor you have access to the following tabs that will allow you to preform tasks on your website section: 
    • Summary TabThe Section Editor
      • Add, edit and remove pages
      • Change the status of a page (hide it)
      • Design a page
      • Rename and organize pages
      • Set the page options
      • Set viewers of a page
      • Get a link for a page
      • Copy or move a page
      • Access the recycle bin 
    • Tools Tab (manage your section tools and apps)
      • Files & Folders
      • Section Tools
      • Section Reports
    • Editors & Viewers Tab
      • Assign other users editing privileges to your section
      • Control viewing rights to your section (who can see your pages)
    • Statistics Tab
      • View statistics about visits to your section
    • How Do I...?  Tab - A great resource
      • Help articles
      • Interactive video tutorials
      • Additional resources 
    Rather that have you read through steps on using the Section Workspace, I have shared this video with you that explains the section workspace.
    You should find it helpful. I sure did.
     Please follow the link to watch the video - turn your audio on :-)
    Here is a quick reference file (cheat sheet) on the Section Workspace and Editor you can download for quick review on the section editor: