• Website Basics
    Centricity2 is a website Content Management System (CMS) This means you don't have to know any programming or html development to create great webpages. It also contains great applications and templates to create pages with style.
    Before we can get started creating pages we need to understand how to get around the website and become familiar with some of the terms used to describe areas.
    First we have the District Home - this is the main website, the schools under the district are considered sub-sites. All have their own functionality as if they were separate websites.
    To give you a better idea of the hierarchy here is a break down and the terms we will use:Dist Hompage
    • Site - Main District Home
    • Sub-Site - Schools Home
    • Channel - Main navigation bar with dropdown to sections
    • Section - Area under channels where you create your web pages 
    • Page - Actual Web Pages
    • Apps - Parts added to webpages that contain functionality

    Along the top of the website you will see a button for the District Homepage, a dropdown menu to jump to a specific school, initially a login button, and a search bar. Once you click log-in and sign-in with your user name and password you will see - a Site Manager button, My Account and My Passkeys.
    Top Navigation Bar

    Site Manager button will take you to your section of the website for editing.

    My Account will allow you to make changes to your website account - logging in allows you access to authorized sections of the website, editing rights to your sections and the use of your Passkeys

    My Passkeys - Please use the link to the left to learn about My Passkeys

    Throughout the rest of the website it is regular navigation. Take some time and "Click Around" to find where things are located.

    Please use the links to the left to continue and move on to actually creating and editing your website.