• Emergency Notifications
    School Closings

    On occasion, it is necessary to send children home during the day due to rapidly deteriorating weather conditions or an adverse condition within a particular school. In either instance, the districts’ emergency notification system, School Messenger, will be used to notify parents via phone and email alerts when this occurs during the school day.

    In addition, information will be given to television and radio stations as soon as the decision is reached.It is suggested that you tune into your favorite television or radio station if the weather appears to be worsening.

    Please discuss plans with your child(ren) regarding the possibilityof being sent home earlier
    than usual. If there are special arrangements that havebeenmadeforyourchildinelementaryschool, please let the classroom teacher know.

    On other occasions, the district might open with a one- or two-hour delay if weather conditions warrant. If this should occur, please stay tuned to your radio or television, as closing may still be a consideration. Please note that changes in weather conditions could force schools to close after a delay is announced.

    At times, it may be necessary to cancel after-school activities. This information will be relayed to the television and radio stations and will be announced as either after-school activities (after 2:30 p.m.) or evening activities (after 6:00 p.m.).
    Reports on emergency school closings ordelayed openings are given over the following media:

    WIBX, WLZW, WFRG, WODZ, WOUR, WUMX, WNTQ, WKTV, WTVH, WXUR, WIXT, WSYR, HOT 107.9, Observer-Dispatch (www.uticaOD.com), NBC 3 Action News, WTLB, WRNY, WUTR/WFXB/WPNY,  YNN
    Emergency Notification System - School Messenger

    The district’s emergency notification system, School Messenger, is used in cases of rapidly deteriorating weather during the school day or if adverse conditions, or serious health and safety issues arise. Whenever family contact information changes, it is very important for families to notify their child’s school so that this information can be updated as quickly as possible. .

    Important Items to Consider
    • Your information is up to date and correct - Contact your child's building to update your info.
    • Your cell phone is listed as a cell phone (not listed as home phone - if you home phone and cell phone are the same they must be listed seperately)
    • Ensure you are listed as a contact for your student(s) with phone(s) and email address. 
    • If you would like to receive text messaging (SMS) you must reply "Y"  yes to the message sent to you by the system - to Opt-In