• Use Of Facilities
    Community Use of Facilit

    The New Hartford School buildings and grounds serve as a community resource. The school buildings are used by over fifty organizations for sports programs, club activities, community education and fitness activities. The Town of New Hartford also uses the school facilities to offer a number of community services and recreational activities.

    To request the use of a school facility or field, an organization must:be
    • A New Hartford based organization
    • Provide proof of insurance showing protection of both the applicant and the school district
    • Complete a Premise Use Request Form Use of school facilities Request Forms
      (pool use requests require an additional form as well as copies of lifeguard certificates for attending lifeguards.)

      Forms are also available in each building office and the District Business Office.
    • Reimburse the school for any direct costs associated with the organization's activity.

    Requests for gym or pool use should be made through the Athletic Director at 624-1283.
    All other applications should be made at the building requested.
    Applications for building use should be submitted thirty days prior to the date of the proposed activity