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    Art 7

    Perry Junior High

    Seventh Grade Art

    Mrs. Monica Tauroney


    Seventh Grade Art is a 20-week (1 semester) course, required of all New Hartford seventh grade students. During this time, students will engage in four (4) different learning units: Drawing, Painting, Hand built Ceramics, and Perspective.

    This course will provide students an opportunity to work with a variety of art mediums and techniques while gaining a deeper understanding of the “Elements of Art” and the “Principles of Design”. Students will engage in beneficial exercises, including practices in evaluation and criticism.



    Students begin the semester exploring the element of “Line”. Our initial project involves the exploration of line types, and then we will move forward to understand how lines are further used to create “shapes”, “forms”, “values”, and “textures”. Each of these elements will be emphasized through a variety of class and homework activities. During this unit, students will build their vocabulary and understanding of drawing techniques and tools. Students will engage in challenging and stimulating activities which will, ideally, increase their confidence and knowledge as young artists.



    Building on the previous drawing unit, students are introduced to Color and (color) Value through multiple painting tasks. Students will work responsibly in small groups to gain a deeper understanding of the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors, as well as values of each (tints, tones, & shades). Students will link their previous knowledge and experiences with their newly acquired knowledge to create an original painting project in Tempera.



    In this Unit, Students will learn to identify the four basic hand-building techniques: Slab, Pinch, Coil, and Japanese Pinch. Using clay as a medium, Students will construct a slab bowl stabilized by a foot (technique of choice). They will experience the various stages of the ceramic process including: wedging, proper construction techniques, storing green-ware, impressing textures, air drying, firing, and glazing.



    Utilizing our previous 2-D and 3-D experiences, students will further develop their understanding of space and depth through exercises in one and two-point perspective. Students will create a city scene with various buildings, sidewalks, windows, doors, and roadways (etc.) to demonstrate their understanding of newly acquired knowledge.






    Grades are based on the following categories and are weighted as follows:


    •Classwork (25%)

    •Projects (60%)

    •Complex Thinker / Effective Communicator (10%)

    •Post Assessment (5%)





    Detentions are assigned for the following reasons:


    • Arriving to class after the bell

    • Inappropriate behavior 


    A student’s first three detentions will be served during lunchtime and will not be documented on the student’s record. Any detentions after that will be served after school and a behavior referral form will be filled out and sent home. 


    Student Responsibilities

    When a student is absent from class, he/she is expected to complete all missed work (including class work, projects, EC and CT’s) – unless excused by the guidance office (usually an extreme circumstance).  


    Student Art Displays

    Student work will be on display within the school halls upon the completion of each project. There will be a District wide Show on Saturday, May 18th - where every art student should have representation. Students are responsible for picking which piece they would like to put in that show. In addition to these displays, it is possible that there may be smaller scale shows/displays during the school year. Yearly, a district calendar is printed which may also include some of our amazing student artwork.  If any parent is opposed to their child’s work being displayed or printed for school related purposes, please communicate your opposition ~ I will certainly respect your wishes!



    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, or concerns. The BEST way to reach me is through the school e-mail. My e-mail address is mtaurone@nhart.org  .  I will usually respond within a reasonable amount of time as I do check my email several times throughout the day.