Regents Earth Science

    Mr. Spanneut

    School Phone: 738.9300

    email: jspanneu@nhart.org,


    Course Description

    Earth Science is a Regents science class with a laboratory requirement. Major topics covered during the year include:

    Mapping Skills                                                           

    Minerals and Rocks           

    Plate Tectonics                                                                          

    Weathering and Erosion

    Geologic History

    Meteorology and Climate


    Current Events


    As a prerequisite to the Regents Exam, New York State requires all students to satisfactorily complete 1200 minutes of laboratory activity. Students must also complete the laboratory practical exam (Part D) of the exam, typically administered one week prior to the Regents Exam in June.


    Required Materials

    Textbook (covered)

    Basic or scientific calculator[1]

    Pen and pencil

    Colored pencils

    3-ring binder (2 inch) & pocket folder

    Review book (used toward the end of the year)


    Quarterly Grades

    Grading is done on a total points system. More difficult and time-consuming tasks will have a higher point value. Categories for grades are listed below.  


    Tests: 6-7 tests are given per year (75-100 points each).

    Quizzes: 3-4 quizzes are given per quarter (20-40 points each).

    Labs: 10-12 labs are completed per quarter (10-20 points each).

    Homework: graded homework is collected once per week (3 points each).

    Complex Thinker (CT): Completed on a quarterly basis (20 points each).

    Common Assessments: given at the end of each marking period


    Final Grade

    Each marking period and the Regents Exam are worth 20% of the final grade.



    Students are responsible for making up work missed due to absence. Work due the day of the absence shall be turned in the first day back in school. Deadlines for new assignments will be extended one day for each day absent. It is best that work from missing classes be made up during study halls. In the event of an extended absence, please contact the student’s guidance counselor.


    Laboratory Procedures:

    Lab work will be done with assigned partners. All laboratory work involving data collection will be completed during class time. Additional time to complete calculations and answer questions will be allowed before the collection deadline. 


    **Laboratory safety is practiced all year. No food or beverages are permitted in class.



    Homework assignments are collected periodically and will count toward the quarter and final averages. Homework assignments are posted on infinite campus and on the chalkboard in the classroom. The lowest homework grade is dropped from the quarterly average.


    Extra Credit

    I do not except extra credit projects.


    Laboratory Corrections

    Students have the option of making corrections to any lab when the original grade received is less than 65%. Corrections may be done in study hall or after school.


    Study Hall Procedures

    During one period of the four day cycle students will be assigned to a study hall in this classroom. A certain number of students are able to sign out of this study hall to the library or computer lab. Students who have missing assignments will not be permitted to sign out of study hall, or obtain passes from other teachers.


    Test Review

    Prior to most tests, I offer an optional after school review class for all of my students.


    Classroom Behavior

    Misconduct and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Any student who chooses to violate the code of conduct outlined in the student handbook will be recommended for disciplinary action through the outlined discipline policy. The student handbook online at the Perry JH website.


    [1] Use of graphing calculators is forbidden by NYSED for the Earth Science Regents Exam.