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  • Class Binder

    Students will be required to keep a GTT binder (1 inch, any brand, any color). These binders will be kept in the classroom unless students need to take them for study or homework. Students will use the same binder for the second semester.



    Students will be evaluated in a variety of ways in each unit. These will include:

              Activities Quizzes/Tests
              Complex Thinker Effective Communicator

    Extra Help

    I am available during lunch and after school most days. All students need to do is ask.


    Make-up Work

    If students miss a class they are expected to make-up the work in a timely fashion. Students need to see me to discuss what they missed on the day they return.


    The Rules 

    • Be Respectful - Always be respectful to the teacher, classmates and the equipment and supplies in the Tech room.
    • Be Prompt - Arrive on time when the bell rings or have a pass.
    • Be Prepared - Pencil and Binder.
    • Always Follow Safety Rules - Safety is the key around the Tech room. Students are to always follow the teacher’s directions so they can use equipment safely and not injure themselves or others. Safety glasses must be worn when using or observing all power equipment.