• Welcome to 9th grade!
    This year students will be block scheduling. This is a method of scheduling where students take a reduced number of classes per day, but spend a block of time in each class. In 9th grade, Global Studies is blocked with English. In other words, students may take English in the fall and Global Studies during the spring. Students do not take Global Studies and English at the same time during the school year. However, the length of time students spend in these blocked classes has increased to approximately 80 minutes.
    The resource program in 9th grade is a very structured program. Students are required to remain focused and complete work. The resource period is not a study hall or a period to do homework.There is an agenda on the board that acts as a guideline of what is to be covered each day. 
    My advice to all 9th grade students: 
     To have a successful year~ 
    • Always fill out your agenda planner- The agenda planner is a great organizational tool.  
    • Do your homework before coming to school.  Never save homework for your resource period. The resource room is not a study hall. Students cannot pick and choose what they want to do in there.  
    • Ask for help when something is not understood.
    Finally, there are two things that are a 'must' in my room~
     If students have these two things, then they are well on their way to having a successful freshman year at Perry Junior High School!