• Responsibility and Authority of the Board of Education
    The Board of Education is made up of seven (7) unsalaried citizens elected to serve overlapping terms of five (5) years each.
    New York State law does not limit the number of terms a board member may serve.
    The Board’s powers and duties are derived from the State Constitution, the laws of New York State and the regulations or rulings of the New York State Commissioner of Education.
    The Board of Education’s main areas of responsibility are to: 
    • Establish district policies 
    • Develop an annual budget for public approval 
    • Approve/disapprove the Superintendent’s recommendations on personnel matters and contracts 
    • Review courses of study and textbooks

    No person or group of persons acts in the name of the Board.
    All motions require a majority vote before the Board can act.
    A Board member is in an official capacity only during an official Board meeting.
    The Board employs a Superintendent as the Chief Executive Officer of the School District.
    The Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the district and administration of Board policies, programs and plans for Board action.