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    The fourth grade is a very important transitional year. Students are leaving the primary phase of school to enter the intermediate phase of schooling. Along with this transition, students will be taking the New York State standardized tests in Reading/English Language Arts (ELA), Math and Science.



     Your child will typically be given 40 minutes of homework on Monday through Thursday. On occasion, there will be exceptions due to holidays or school functions. There will be no homework given on the weekend unless your child is behind on weekly work.

    Your Child is expected to:

    1.     Write all assignments in his or her agenda Daily. Parents are encouraged to initial the agenda nightly as the child completes the assignments.


    2.    Complete all homework to the best of his or her ability. Work must be in cursive and questions must be answered in complete sentences (TTQA).


    3.    Hand homework in on time. This is the Student’s responsibility. They will not be allowed to call home to have someone bring in the work for them.


     Please encourage your child to choose a “homework” place and time, and be consistent. This helps to develop a sense of routine.


    It would be extremely helpful if you would go through your child’s take-home folder Daily. There you will find important notices, along with homework and papers that need to be signed and returned.


    Your child should also be reading 20 minutes daily. They are required to read 25 books independently this year.


     Thank you so much for your support. I am looking forward to a fun, exciting, and successful school year!